Kate and William meet Beyonce and Jay Z in an epic gathering of royals

Kate and William at the NBA game
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Kate and William meet Beyonce and Jay Z in an epic gathering of royals
Kate and William pose with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver as they attend the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center.
Classic "William and Kate watching sports" faces.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch as LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers looks on during his game against the Brooklyn Nets.
Kate's reaction to being put up on the big screen Jumbotron... priceless.
Kate and William react as they realize they're on the Jumbotron during the game.
William explains some b-ball action to Kate.
The royal couple seemed to be having a blast!

Beyonce and Jay Z are seen courtside as they attend the Brooklyn Nets Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game in Brooklyn.

We feel like Bey must be saying "she touched THIS HAND!"

America's musical royalty seemed to be having a blast as well.
Pretty sure you're breaking some royal protocol, there, LeBron, but we'll let it slide. William and Kate pose with the Cleveland star after the game.
A baby jersey for George!
Earlier tonight they attended a reception co-hosted by the Royal Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Rodham Clinton is so excited to meet Kate, while William chats with Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky. 
Duchess Kate and Chelsea Clinton share a moment. 

In an epic meeting of royals, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William met Beyonce and Jay Z tonight at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn NY. Attending their first ever NBA game, Kate and William saw the Brooklyn Nets play the Cleveland Cavaliers, but in actuality, all eyes were on them.

When the royal couple arrived courtside (the other royals were already watching the game from the other side) the crowd cheered loudly, and shortly after, Wills and Kate were put up on the big screen. They hilariously -- and adorably -- didn't really know what to do.

William was seen saying to Kate "I think we're on the big screen!" and then waved to the crowd as Kate laughed and beamed beside him. Kate then waves with a "hello!" and they just look so wonderfully uncomfortable.

After the 3rd quarter ended, Beyonce and Jay Z walked across the court to meet Kate and William in the GREATEST moment of all time.

Kate and Beyonce and William and Jay Z
Just WHAT do you think Kate and Beyonce were talking about? World domination? Being all-powerful? Being worshipped? So many topics to discuss.

For the game, Kate was wearing a tweed Tory Burch coat and black J.Crew jeans. Lovely to see her first American designer of the visit! We've seen Kate in Tory Burch before, when she wore a black and white dress by the designer for George's playdate while in New Zealand.

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