11 facts you may not know about your clothes


Our friends at BuzzFeed dug up some interesting facts about your clothes that you probably didn't know. We bet you'll look at your closet a bit differently after you read this!

The boat shoe:
The boat shoe was invented by Paul Sperry. The sole of the shoe was modeled after his dog's paw.

Polo shirts (and that weird tiny button):
That little button was inspired by polo players who would put buttons on their collars to keep them from flying up while playing. And while we're on the subject of polo, polo shirts were created for tennis, not polo.

Buttons on collars:
Shirts with button-down collars are called button-down shirts. Shirts that button in the front, and don't have button down collars are called button-front shirts, not button-downs.

... And more on buttons:
Women's shirts button on the opposite side as men's, because women used to be dressed by servants. The button was positioned so it would be easy for a servant to button. Men's clothes had the button on the right, because they tended to dress themselves. (This theory is not without its flaws -- Today I Found Out has a really interesting explanation.)

The triangle on sweatshirts:
The triangle on the front of some sweatshirts was originally put there as extra fabric to absorb sweat. On Valet.com, clothing designer/vintage menswear expert Christophe Loiron explains that, "The purpose was to act like a sponge, as those shirts were used as athletic gear. Not very glamorous, I know, but just look at sweat patterns on shirts after physical efforts."

Details.com also notes that it was added for football players, so the neckline could expand for shoulder pads to fit underneath.

YKK on your zippers:
That stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, or the Yoshida Company Limited. Slate reports that the company was founded in 1934.

Watch 11 mind-blowing facts about your clothes:

11 Mind-blowing facts about your clothes
11 Mind-blowing facts about your clothes

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