Unusual uses for baby oil

Unusual uses for baby oil and powder
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Unusual uses for baby oil
Have you stepped in gum? Your kids have gum in their hair or smeared it on the counter? Saturate the the gummy mess with baby oil for a minute and then wipe it away or comb it out.  If you need to then remove the oil, use white vinegar to counteract it!
If you spend too much time fighting with your shredder, place a few pieces of paper on a baking sheet and saturate them with baby oil.  Then run them through your shredder to loosen up the motor inside.
Use baby oil on your shower to remove soap scum and prevent buildup. You can also put it on your shower curtain to create a barrier.
Apply a small amount of baby oil to your clean dusting rag and dust in circular motions on wood surfaces. Once you're done, go over the surface again with a clean cloth for a flawless finish.
If you're battling a zipper that will. not. move. try applying baby oil to both sides of the zipper with a cotton swab and work it back and forth several times. It'll be smooth sailing - well, zipping - in no time!
Keep nail polish off your skin while you paint by applying a little oil around the edges of your nail with a cotton swab. Then, when your nails are dry, the excess paint will rub right off and your cuticles will be happy!
Lock in moisture while you're shaving by using baby oil instead of a store-bought brand or (worse) your body soap. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!
There's nothing more frustrating that a tangled mess of necklaces.  Add a little bit of baby oil to the worst knot and rub it around, it'll grease up the chains and untangle in no time.
No expensive makeup removers needed, just grab that bottle of baby oil. Use a cotton swab or cotton pad for a quick, gentle cleanser -- even for stubborn eye makeup!
Keep your leather happy and looking great by using baby oil as a shoe polish. It's perfect for polishing surfaces because there are no harsh chemicals in it.

Baby oil isn't just for babies. In fact, this household helper has uses that go beyond the nursery -- and no, we're not encouraging you to use it when you sun bathe! From every day beauty hacks (no makeup remover on hand? No problem!) to helping you untangle necklaces and polish surfaces, the toxin-free oil is perfect for so many unexpected life moments.

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