Will Léa Seydoux be the next Bond Girl?

Prada darling Léa Seydoux will reportedly join Daniel Craig in Sam Mendes' James Bond follow-up to Skyfall. The 29-year-old star, known for her fashion prowess (she turned heads at the Cannes Film Festival in a low-cut, emerald green Prada gown), currently stars in the Saint Laurent biopic as designer and muse Loulou de la Falaise.

According to the Daily Mail, Seydoux has been cast as a "femme fatale"-whether that qualifies as a Bond girl is unclear. The French actress has toed the line between indie projects and big-budget films; she won the Palme d'Or for her performance in Blue Is the Warmest Color and previously stared in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise.

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However, the inclusion of Seydoux hasn't convinced us that those Rihanna rumors are dead in the water. The starlets did sit front-row together at Miu Miu in February, so perhaps it's a two-for-one deal.

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