The magical beauty benefits of cucumber

Ok, I'm embellishing just a little. I used to steer clear of cucumbers because of what happens when they're drowned in a vat of vinegar for an extended amount of time. Let's not think about that. Focus on the good stuff. On the real, cucumbers are the business. When I was younger I wondered why I'd see photos of posh women lounging at a spa with towels wrapped around their heads and cucumbers on their eyes. Or when you go to fancy places and there's cucumber in the water. Yes, cucumbers are crisp and refreshing but there are many reasons why you should eat them, put them on your eyes, and smear them all over your body. These things are packed with vitamins including A, the many Bs, C and D. Cucumbers give you energy, improve your joints, and help rid your body of unwanted toxins.
Because they are 95% water and include vitamin E, cucumbers are perfect for promoting healthy skin. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are ridiculous. Because of the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid, the cucumber flushes out excess fluids and junk in your body. You can apply it topically to help sunburns, reduce redness, and inflammation. Also since cucumbers reduce water retention in your skin and tighten collagen, you can use them to reduce the effects of cellulite and wrinkles. No wonder so many of our beauty products already include cucumbers!

Honestly, a cucumber a day will keep the doctor and the cosmetic surgeon away. Why go under the knife or spend tons of money on product when you can buy the cure-all for less than a buck. So add cucumber to your water, chop one up and throw it in a salad, or smother your face in a few slices. A cucumber face mask sounds delicious. Crazy how one simple green fruit-veggie thing can reverse the signs of aging just like that.

P.S. Remember to buy organic so those nasty pesticides won't ruin the health and beauty benefits.
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