The top 10 WORST Video Music Awards outfits of all time

Worst VMA outfits of all time
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The top 10 WORST Video Music Awards outfits of all time
To be fair, this is what 1987 looked like.
Upstaging Marilyn Manson is no easy feat, but Rose McGowan managed just that at the 1998 VMAs. McGowan easily outshone the polarizing pop star in red lipstick, a lace thong, and about 14 beaded strands.
Oh, sure. Everyone remembers the purple, pasty-accented pantsuit that Lil’ Kim wore to attend the Video Music Awards in 1998. Of inexcusably lesser renown? This equally offensive plastic prison.
We try not to dwell on the color-coordinated years before Beyoncé (and her girls) ran the world. Then we encounter this.
It’s just like our mothers always told us: narcissism can be so unattractive.
“Too dirty to clean my act up,” claimed Christina Aguilera on Stripped, her fourth studio album. Contradicting that assertion? Her decision to wear a hot-pink feather duster to the Video Music Awards in 2002.
The year was 2003. Back then, turquoise loincloths were in and Kim Kardashian was just Paris Hilton’s curvy sidekick. These were simpler times.
While there’s no question that his voice rivals angels', Lenny Kravitz would have done well to leave his wings, acid-wash jeans, and fringe poncho at home in 2004.
2009 was a violent year at the VMAs. J.Lo’s velvet-trimmed dress attempted asphyxiation, and our eyes were viciously assaulted.
Behold! An embarrassment . . . of riches? Between J.Woww’s dolman sleeves, Deena’s Technicolor tube dress, and the small mammals masquerading as Sammi’s shoes, the women of Jersey Shore outdid themselves at the 2011 VMAs, proving no matter who takes home a shiny, silver statuette, they’re all winners to us.
MTV's Video Music Awards telecast has been celebrating the finest cinematic feats from its industry's biggest artists since 1984. But despite this purportedly aesthetic bent, the outfits worn by its attendees are not always quite so visually appealing. So while the network may award metallic "Moonmen" on the basis of musical achievement, we'd rather spotlight a different category of style standouts. Here, we've rounded up the event's most awful ensembles to date. Lady Gaga, your 2010 meat dress didn't even make this list, but we trust you have more for us in store. We'll see you on Sunday.

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