Top 9 at 9: Chrissy Teigen drunk pitches at Dodgers game, plus more news

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1. Chrissy Teigen pitched at the Dodger's game and before hand tweeted that she was "pretty drunk". It's cool Chrissy, we'd probably have to throw a few back before pitching in front of an entire stadium, too! WATCH:
Chrissy Teigen Was Drunk Before She Threw Out That Dodgers First Pitch

2. We finally tried Urban Decay's new Pulp Fiction collection and it has won us over. Seriously, the red lipstick, lip liner, and eye shadow palette are winners. In the words of Mia Wallace, don't be a square -- and go buy the stuff.

3. We've never seen transformations like these before! You'll never believe how different these celebrities look with movie makeup. (Buzz Feed)

4. Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed list is here and you'll want to see who's on it (and who didn't make the cut). Some of the winners are obvious, some are a surprise (a pleasant surprise, that is)!

5. Need something to pass the time at work (tsk, tsk)? This might be your new favorite Instagram.
fashion photobombs instagram
6. Whenever we're in an outfit slump, we can always count on Revolve to pull us out! They just posted an A to Z guide for Fall fashion. It's a must see. (Revolve Clothing)

7. Is your beloved bacon giving you wrinkles? That's what new studies are saying! (Kitchen Daily)

8. You know that soft, dewy, radiant glow that all of the stars have but you can never seem to achieve? We found the secret product and we're giving it away! Enter for a chance to win Argan body and hair products!

9. Scarves are the perfect transition piece for summer to fall. That's why we put 20 of the best together for you lovely ladies to shop!
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