Victoria's Secret launches #LessIsMore collection with sexy short film

Simple is the new sexy. At least, according to Victoria's Secret, whose latest design initiative is "less is more". After seeing the brand's new collection of bras and underwear, out this month, done in simple silhouettes and subtly sexy fabrics, we're inclined to believe them.

In honor of the brand's new bra collections, Martha Hunt is starring in the brand's first short, cinematic film. The two-minute video is cheeky and fun, and Martha shows off some of the new comfy-chic lingerie sets, proving that less really is more. Check it out below, where a frustrated Martha, who is trying to break up with her obnoxious boyfriend, gets locked out of her apartment (wearing a bra and underwear from Victoria's Secret, natch). You'll have to watch the whole thing to find out what's worth the watch!

P.S. The video is shoppable, so if you see something cute, just click to purchase!
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