What to wear to work this week

What to wear to work
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What to wear to work this week
All white it super on trend right now! Pair with a black blazer for a look that works in the office. A black clutch ties it all together. No accessories are needed with this outfit but a watch or dainty necklace would work! Take notes from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

This look is super accessible because almost every woman of the workforce has a few skirts and blouses. A chambray top is casual but can be dressed up with a feminine and flowy skirt. This backpack that The Classy Cubicle wears is edgy and toughens up her look. Plus, it can fit you computer inside!

A blouse and pant combination can be boring, but not if you pick a bright colored trouser! The Style Editrix's outfit is on point with her simple necklace, black sandals, and black clutch. Check out her full look.

Pair a fun skirt with a basic structured blouse for a sophisticated, yet fun look. Keep the accessories minimal, like Amy from Dallas Wardrobe does! The color blocking with this bag and skirt work well together. 
In most offices, jeans are acceptable on Fridays, but you don't want to look too casual. An oversized blazer thrown on top of  jeans dress it up enough for work! Again, minimal accessories are ideal for the office as you don't want to draw too much attention to yourself! The Darling Detail's outfit is perfect.
Dressing for work can be challenging for women of the workforce. Everyday you are faced with the same dilemma: how to look office-ready without looking basic. Obviously you have to look put-together in the office, but stylish woman aren't going to sacrifice their fashion sense in order to do so.

When getting ready in the morning, we also have to take the weather into account. In the winter, you can look chic and appropriate because you can cover up without dying from a heat stroke, but in the summer it's a whole other story. The subway already feels like Dante's Inferno, but if you are wearing layers you might not come out looking so hot (despite how hot you're feeling). Luckily for you, we also deal with this struggle every day which inspired us to create a day by day guide to office style.

To all you working ladies out there, we want you to look just as great as you feel. We have selected 5 looks that will have you looking like a boss. A promotion might be in your near future, just saying.
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