The best and worst hairstyles for summer

Best and Worst Summer Hair
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The best and worst hairstyles for summer
We know, lots of people love this look throughout the year.  And often, it's a great go-to to be put together, but it just isn't great for summer months.
First, everything about summertime battles with your hair.  Humidity will make your locks want to frizz, and the key to this look is sleekness.
Other than humidity, the heat will weigh your hair down.  When you're sweaty and hot, the last thing you want is hair plastered to your face and neck!
So only go for this look when you know it'll be a mild, even cool, summer day.  We just want you to be your most comfortable this summer.  Click through to see 3 hairstyles we totally DO recommend for this summer!
Braids, braids braids.  You don't have to go for a rainbow braid (but how fun?!) -- just use this style to your advantage.  There are so many great versions.
Your hair doesn't have to be up to be braided, try out this look to keep your hair off your face, but still letting it flow with the breeze.
For more formal occasions, a braided crown is a perfect alternative.  It's pretty and it'll keep you cool.
Fishtail braids are very in this year, and look super cool.  Pull your hair to the side in a low pony, and braid away. 
If you want to wear your hair down, how better to embrace the summer than by letting it do as it pleases?  Beachy waves are perfect because you're not fighting your hair's natural tendencies, you're embracing them.
When you step out of the water (whether it's the actual beach, a pool or your shower), give your hair a gentle towel-dry, and let it go.  You'll get a natural wave and look super cute.
Wavy hair gives you dimension that straight hair simply cannot, and it can be either a casual 'do or dressed up.
For a more formal occasion, use a curling iron after your waves are dry to amp up the bounce in your hair.  The added texture in your waves will take to the curls easier, giving you a polished look.
You can never go wrong with a classic ponytail, especially in the summer.  Whether you're going high or low, keeping your hair out of your face and (mostly) off your neck is your best bet for the coming months.
Spend the summer months cool and comfortable with simple hair.  There are a ton of ways to make your pony unique, too: add a twist or a braid on one side or part your hair down the middle before pulling it back.
A messy pony can be the best kind of pony -- it keeps dimension and texture in your hair. 
Even at more formal occasions, you're not obligated to do a sleek 'do.  Going for a textured updo can outshine a tight one any day.

Summer is the time for relaxation and enjoying the warm weather. You don't want to spend these next few months with humidity-caused hair mishaps, do you? There's one hairstyle that is just asking to be messed with when the days grow longer... and we think if you can, you should try to leave it for cooler months.

Click through the gallery above to see which style we don't exactly recommend, and three perfect alternatives for staying cool and happy -- and looking great. Then check out which unexpected kitchen product can be a perfect conditioner for your hair from our friends at KitchenDaily.
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