Why Public School? The story behind the name of NYFW's hottest brand

What's in a name? The famous line from Romeo and Juliet seems fitting for the Public School designer duo, whose unique name is a household one in the fashion industry right now.

Maxwell Osbourne and Dao-Yi Chow named their label Public School in 2007. Both designers grew up in New York City: Dao-Yi in Jackson Heights, Queens, and Osbourne in Kensington, Brooklyn. The pair's New York roots are the essence of the Public School brand.

"The spirit of Public School's energy comes from being here in New York. You pass hundreds of strangers everyday, yet the city can be a great connector of people. We like to think of Public School as a connector to many different types of people from different backgrounds," the duo told us. While this may explain the overall attitude of Public School, we still wanted to find out if the name held the same meaning. Click on the video below to see the designers reveal the story behind 'Public School.'

Why Public School?
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