5 pieces that make you look instantly dated

Trends that make you look instantly dated
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5 pieces that make you look instantly dated

Often done up in nudes, the biggest issue with this shoe style is simply that it does little to flatter. Heels are meant to elongate the leg, and the rounded toe does just the opposite.

Wear instead: A black, pointed-toe pump.

Admittedly, we were never on board for this particular color theory when it exploded a few seasons ago, but these brash shades now officially stand out in a crowd for all the wrong reasons.

Wear instead: Classic primary colors like red and cobalt blue.

We've recently discussed whether or not you dress your age, and very few people statistically fall into an age range that should rock this summer camp staple. Minus more points for stacking them -- arm parties are passe.

Wear instead: Interesting gold cuffs.

This kind of extraneous edgy ornamentation has completely fallen out of favor -- no one should ever look this untouchable on purpose.

Wear instead: The classic leather moto in navy or white.

One of the original man-repelling items, any piece of clothing that goes this far to make the wearer look less thin without a discernable derriere has no place in any closet.

Wear instead: Louche, wide-leg trousers.

We're all for sartorial freedom, but there are certain once-on-trend items that, when worn today, appear anything but current. Consider this your official out list.

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