Add the perfect pop of color to your look with this tie-dye peplum skirt

To be honest, I could stick with basic colors forever and be quite happy, but I like to add in a few colorful pieces for the hubs. On our anniversary a few months ago we played my own version of the newlywed game. I say my version because I created the questions (sneaky sneaky)! One question being –- "What was your favorite thing I wore in the past few months?" To my utter shock, he said yoga pants and this really bright colored coral top I wear with them. Fall out of my chair..really?! That was your favorite? Not the beautiful dress I wore to a gala where I spent hours on my hair and make-up? WORKOUT PANTS AND A WORKOUT TOP. I was pretty surprised, as you can tell, so I asked him why. He said it was when I was at my most natural state and he loved the bright color. Awwww. Ever since he told me that, I purposely wear bright clothes for him. Sometimes, you have to please the man!asos color pop peplum skirt

So, when I saw this peplum skirt on ASOS I knew this piece would be perfect! It had the Brazilian flair I had come to respect as well as the bright colors he would love. It was way out of the ordinary but for some reason I just couldn't let it slip. I plan to stick with my basic, neutral colors but every so often I might surprise him and you all with some pops of color!

Click on the slideshow above to get the look!
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