Beyoncé and Jay Z kick off tour with some incredible outfit changes

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Beyoncé and Jay Z kick off tour with some incredible outfit changes
We're guessing she didn't wake up like this, but pretty damn close.
This concert promises to be a major event and from the looks of these pictures, it won't disappoint.
A sports jersey is always a must and we are loving the loose bandana and gold chains for a complete look.
Beyonce is flawless (insert song).
Channeling his inner Pharrel, Jay rocks a fedora and leather jacket, finishing off the look with another black bandana.
This mesh look wouldn't be complete without a look at the back. How is she staying in this exactly?
This sexy number got a lot of attention, the mesh covers JUST enough. Jay is seen wearing a black and white, stars and stripes t-shirt with a black blazer and beanie.
We are OBSESSED with this outfit. Not only does it pop on stage, but it flatters Beyonce's incredible figure.
Yup, Beyonce, you are number 1 (we are loving the fringe).
Someone call the police, this jean jumpsuit is OOC.
A cut off leather jacket never hurt anyone and Jay Z looks amazing in this one!
Need we say more?

Last night, Beyoncé and Jay Z kicked off their 'On the Run' tour in Miami, FL in front of a packed stadium of die-hard fans. Of course, from what we hear, the concert was full of behind-the-scenes videos of Bey's family (including baby Blue Ivy & never before seen footage of her wedding) and serious, SERIOUS dance-moves.

With all the excitement for their tour, which is hitting every major city this summer, we can't overlook the most important part, the outfits! From sheer metallic to a sexy black leotard, Beyonce did not disappoint and neither did Jay Z, sporting several incredible looks.

According to USA Today, the tour kicked off as a "tantalizing spectacle, triumphant vocals, palpable sensuality and booty-shaking anthems."

We can't wait to hear more about the concert, but in the meantime, check out all the outfits from last nights performance, including our favorite, a jean jumpsuit perfect for the Queen herself.
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