Summer beauty tips: The major DOs and DON'Ts

Summer beauty dos and don'ts
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Summer beauty tips: The major DOs and DON'Ts
Ever heard of allover dry-brushing? Supermodel Miranda Kerr (and beauty editors everywhere!) swear by it. Use a natural-bristle brush (like the Sublime Beauty Portable Skin Brush, $14, before showering; it sloughs off dead skin cells more efficiently than wet exfoliation, "helping skin become smoother, tighter, and glowier," says Micheline Reboh, aesthetician at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in NYC. Start at the feet, working your way up in firm, short strokes; moisturize after showering. You'll be surprised by how much better your upper legs and arms look immediately after. Repeat once a week.
You already know you should put sunscreen on your scalp, but you may also want to consider an exfoliating scalp treatment like Restorsea Revitalizing Scalp Treatment ($150, that helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum that can clog hair follicles. The less clogged your hair follicles are, the easier it is for your hair to grow and look thicker.
We love a good faux tan, but it won't protect you from sunburn. To keep sunscreen from smearing your self-tan, "look for oil-free blocks that absorb easily; the less rubbing you do the better," advises Sophie Evans, the St. Tropez skin-finishing expert who bronzes the likes of Kate Moss. At night, touch up any color lost during the day with a gradual tanner.
Truth is, no number of squats will completely erase cellulite (damned genetics), but you can reduce its appearance. Vigorously massage your thighs, stomach, or upper arms for 20 minutes twice a week leading up to beach day; use a grape-seed scrub to boost circulation. (Yes, we know that's a whole episode of New Girl minus commercials, but time equals results!) Then layer on a skin-plumping firming cream right after for a lasting shrink-wrap effect. We like SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate ($78,
Scheduling a wax takes foresight and an hour of your busy day—plus, the grow-out period between appointments makes swimsuit season tricky. Allow us to share the newest editor-favored hair remover: Bliss "Fuzz" Off Bikini Precision Hair Removal Cream ($30,, an extra-mild depilatory designed with a compact applicator tip for easy maneuvering in the bikini area. It takes less than 10 minutes at home.
Not only does slathering it on naked in front of a mirror ensure you won't miss a spot, but letting it dry for 20 minutes before getting dressed (go pack your bag: hat, earphones, book, water bottle...) means your swimsuit won't rub off the sunscreen at the edges (trust us—that's not a pretty sunburn to get).
Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours—and after every time you hit the water.
Your hair can't get sunburned, but the sun can still damage your color and dry out your strands. Before styling—damp or dry—spritz on a primer like R+Co. One Prep Spray ($20, and rake through hair. It helps hydrate and repair, in addition to adding softness and shine. The best part about these sprays? They work alone or with all your other hair products.
Glamour contributing editor Theodore Leaf breaks it down: Starting with towel-dried hair (don't comb; just detangle with your fingers), spritz a wave spray like Sally Hershberger Mineral Spray ($24, from roots to ends. After air-drying or blow-drying with a diffuser, wrap random pieces around a 1 1/2-inch curling iron, winding away from the face. Rub a bit of pomade between palms, then "squeeze the ends of your hair to define," he says. If your hair is fine, spray dry shampoo from mid-shaft to the ends "to make it more mermaid-y" once you're done. And if you're naturally curly, briskly run a flatiron from the middle to the ends of dry hair to stretch out curls, mist with texture spray, and use pomade to separate the tips.
If you're going to a pool or beach, makeup artist Christy Coleman recommends trimming your routine to five products, applied 30 minutes after sunscreen (if your skin's still shiny, blot with a tissue): sheer foundation, cream blush, luminizer for cheekbones and eyelids, an eyelash curler ("not mascara—raccoon eyes aren't pretty!"), and a tinted SPF lip balm like the universally flattering Fresh Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 ($23, Leave high-shine glosses at home—they can actually magnify UV rays, damaging delicate lip skin.
Keep a tote packed with travel-size versions of your favorite sunscreens and salt sprays, a wide-tooth comb, spare sunglasses, and a hat. That way you'll be prepared for whatever fun, last-minute getaway or beach adventure comes your way. We love this Sun Safety Kit ($32, so much we're considering buying multiples.

Hair, makeup, and skin care tips that go one level above "wear sunscreen."

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