More Essie spring 2014 polishes: Hide & Go Chic

Every season, I look to the experts at Essie to dictate what colors my nails will be sporting. Just like Pantone tends to lead the way in color trends for fashion, I consider Essie the leader when it comes to color trends for nails. This spring, their 'Hide & Go Chic' collection led me to the most gorgeous ocean blue that my eyes have ever seen! Not one to normally go for blue nails (but seriously, why the heck not?) these azure tones have me dreaming of the ocean every time that they catch my eye.

The collection rounds out with five other shades, each one more playfully chic than the next. That perfect pistachio is dubbed 'Fashion Playground' and, with a touch of shimmer, it begs to be worn just as soon as your skin starts to bronze in the slightest. 'Romper Room' is the palest pink and as we discussed here, barely blush is the most wearable of all nail shades and seasonless in my opinion. The semi-sheer nude is called 'Spin the Bottle' and while at first I thought it was a bit redundant next to Romper Room, one quick self-mani was all it took to fall in love with its creamy goodness. Note: nudes can be très tricky to apply, but not the case with Essie's tried and true formula! It goes on smooth and even for a gorgeous mannequin mani.) Taking a leap to the bolder side, 'Style Hunter' is a hot crimson, unlike anything you've seen before and so spring-right. Finally, 'Truth or Flare' is a soft, dusty blue that evokes vintage glam with a very modern twist.

So what do you think of these unexpected shades? My next go-to combination is surely Style Hunter on hands, with Truth or Flare toes. I mean, blue toes at the beach? Hello summer!
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