Did Duchess Kate squash baby rumors in Scotland today?

Kate in Scotland
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Did Duchess Kate squash baby rumors in Scotland today?
The Duchess of Cambridge greets fans at MacRosty Park on May 29, 2014 in Crieff, Scotland. 
Kate and William receive a teddy bear (for baby George!) during their visit to Scotland.
The Duchess is wearing a pink and red coat by Jonathan Saunders, dress by Goat and her favorite LK Bennett Sledge pumps.
While Kate still looks very thin of course, we were hoping these pictures would help us discount pregnancy rumors... but the Jonathan Saunders coat isn't very form-fitting!
Kate smiles while speaking with dignitaries at MacRosty Park.
The Duchess is greeted by children during their visit to the Macrosty Park.
Kate shakes hands with a few little ones at the park.
A new coat for Kate, we can't say it's our favorite she's ever worn... but she looks lovely of course.
Kate and William share a laugh as she cradles George's new toy.
Kate wore her hair down and slightly curled.
Prince William waves at onlookers during a visit to MacRosty Park.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend today in Scotland where they will tour a distillery and visit a village fete.
The Duke unveils a plaque as his wife Kate looks on during a visit to Macrosty Park.
Kate and Wills toured The Famous Grouse Distillery and William got quite involved in the process.
The Duke and Duchess tasted some of the whiskey -- sorry baby rumors! Guess there are no twins on board after all.
A little strong, William?
Kate squashing rumors as she holds a glass of whiskey.
Prince William attends the Forteviot village fete and meets some prize horses.
Kate during their tour of the Famous Grouse Distillery.
Kate visiting the Strathearn Community Campus.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, joined her husband Prince William in Scotland today for a day of engagements in Strathearn, Perth and Kinross. All eyes were on Kate for two reasons: rumors have been swirling about the Duchess being pregnant with twin baby girls, and yet another tabloid scandal - a German paper recently printed a photo of Kate's bare bottom when the wind blew her skirt in Australia.

So everyone was watching to see if Kate would be showing (after all, if anyone possibly knew that she was pregnant with twins and knew their gender... she'd have to be at least 12 weeks along) and how her demeanor would be following yet another breach of her privacy. Well she seemed as good-natured as ever - holding her head high and having fun with their morning walkabout. As for those pesky pregnancy rumors? While her Jonathan Saunders coat was bright and festive for spring, it didn't do much to squash them.

Her well-tailored coat is very flattering, but slightly loose around her stomach. So, no... upon first look at the Duchess today, we couldn't discount the idea that a little baby bump could be there. Cue our excitement building a little bit... only to be squashed when she and William embarked on their Distillery tour. Because yes, whiskey was involved.

Kate Middleton in scotland
Duchess Kate was wearing a pink and red coat by Jonathan Saunders, a pink dress by Goat, her LK Bennett nude Sledge pumps and a brooch with a celtic design that was a private wedding gift.

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