10 motivating tips to get you ready to hit the gym

1. Never miss a Monday: If you can start the week off right- you will finish right. Schedule in your workouts on the calendar if you need to. Usually if I'm not in the mood, I'll tell myself I'll just go for ten minutes, than once I've started, I want to go longer.

2. Use motivating apps: Runtastic tracks and maps your workout, average speed, distance and calories burned. My Fitness Pal lets you record your progress.

3. Pinterest: Follow and make motivating fitness boards. Whether it's workouts, healthy recipes, quotes or inspiring photos, Pinterest can be a fun and useful source.

4. Fit it in: Try waking up 30 minutes earlier, to make time. Whenever I want to sleep in I try to remember my day will be so much better if I can squeeze in a quick cardio sesh early on. I usually try to get it done in the morning so I can't make up an excuse after work. If you prefer to go after work, pack a gym bag so you don't go home first, plop on the couch and decide to cancel.

5. Eat healthy and throughout the day: Fuel for fitness. If I don't eat something before working out, I end up starving after. I like to eat my favorite breakfast or a banana with peanut butter and cinnamon 30 minutes before a workout. More reasons it's important to eat my favorite meal of the day here. Snack on fruits, vegetables and nuts throughout the day to avoid gettiing hangry. (hungry + angry = hangry).

6. Pair up: Spring is the perfect time of year to get started. On a beautiful day when I'm just not feeling the gym, I call a friend or my sisters to go on a long walk on the trail or try a new workout class. It goes by so much faster and is the best way to catch up! Just 30 minutes benefits us in so many ways.

7. Put together a happy play list: Music is a workout game changer. Download an upbeat workout play list and only listen to it at the gym.

8. Be thankful: Try to think of working out as an opportunity to feel better not work. Don't do it to loose weight, do it to to be healthy.

9. Reward yourself: Instead of treating yourself with dessert, get a new pair of kicks... much more motivating!

10. Drink up: Hydration is so important. I have to have my morning coffee for an extra boost before working out so I also drink water right after I wake up. Reasons why it's beneficial here. If I'm craving soda or something flavored, I'll have an iced tea or a flavored sparkling water by La Croix.
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