The latest plastic surgery trend might just be the most ridiculous of all

Maybe you hate your nose, or wish you could get rid of those crows feet that have begun to form near your eyes. Trust us, we have zero issue with plastic surgery when someone has something they'd like to change and decides to take the matter into their own hands, but sometimes... it can be a bit much.

You know that exciting (or for some, slightly soul-crushing...) moment when a friend posts a picture on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook of a sparkly addition to her left hand? Turns out that for some women, their fingers just aren't good enough. The newest plastic surgery trend? Hand-Lifts. Yes, really.

Lauren Conrad is just one of many who chose to show her excitement on social media. (Though we highly doubt she had surgery first...)

According to Dr. Ariel Ostad, who spoke with Pix11 News, "the procedure has become increasingly popular for a variety of factors, one being the engagement ring selfie trend." So we can thank social media for making women self-conscious of yet another part of their body (please let's not let this be the new "thigh gap").

The procedure, which involves injecting the filler Juvederm into the hand, replenishes volume in the hands and fingers to make them look younger. It takes a mere 5 minutes but will ring up a tab in the ballpark of $1,200. Apparently, the effects of the procedure last for 9 months -- so why not rush your engagement and wedding to fit everything into that time frame for optimal ring photos on both occasions? Kidding, of course.

What do you think of this new plastic surgery trend? Totally crazy or something you'd try? VOTE below!

Engagement Ring Selfies Sprak Rise in 'Hand-Life' Injection Procedure
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