Review: The hair dryer that will change your life. No, really.

By A Piece of Toast

Nearly eight years ago, my mom took me shopping for things I would need to take to college and we bought a hairdryer from Target. It folded in half, had a retractable cord, and was red. I had been using said dryer for all those years up until about a month ago. It did what a blowdryer should: it dried my hair. But it also dried my hair out, gave it a good amount of frizz that I then had to use a straighter on, and took a long time to get the job done. Sure, the hinged "folding" design eventually meant that it could collapse while I was using it and sometimes a concerning burning smell would result if it had been working too hard, but I just sort of dealt with it and thought I would wait for it to die before replacing.

The little red college dryer has not died, but it's definitely been replaced by the queen of hairdryers. Sally and I were lucky (um, so lucky) to be given T3 dryers over a month ago, and both of us feel like they've changed our lives...or at least the life of our hair. If you've been making do with a cheapie dryer, we both highly suggest making the investment in a T3 dryer or a similar product. The Featherweight dryers we use do what a blowdryer should: dries the hair. But they do it so much better. You read all the features and benefits of these things and think, "Blah, blah...okay, okay," but then you use it and it's amazing how much different your hair looks and feels.

The special technology T3 products use (something to do with ions and other scientific things) lets your hair retain moisture while drying much, much faster. Unlike some dryers, the speed of the air is not so ferocious that your hair gets all tangled in knotted in the process-but, the dryer does create a very nice amount of added volume. What you're left with is super smooth and silky hair that isn't frizzy and doesn't have static. And your drying time was cut in half. And if you round brush (like me) your styling is completely retained all day. I've been completely impressed and obsessed with my T3 (I have the white one!) but Sally is literally thinking of marrying hers...she would have to take three breaks while drying her hair so she could brush through knots and segment out the super long amount of time it took to get the job done. But now she gets it all done in one short session. Life changing.

Yes, these bad boys are pricy. But if you hate your hair (or at least hate drying it) having one of them might change your relationship. Christmas is coming, so now's the time to put a T3 on your list or maybe treat yourself. Now excuse me while I go take a shower and then turn my hair into pieces of silk...
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