Best and worst dressed at the 2014 Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby 2014
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Best and worst dressed at the 2014 Kentucky Derby
Miranda's red cut-out dress was our favorite of the day!
Hmm, this look was a miss for us. We blame the hair.
Everything about Johnny's ensemble is amazing- especially that hat!
We love Beth, but found this outfit a bit yawn-worthy.
Stephen, just say no to that bow tie. And that awkward red carpet stance!
Angela looked so chic in this bright blue dress, and we loved the big floral hat!
Nothing better than a stunning flowing gown to show off a baby bump!
Oh Joey. Oh, Joey, no.
Laura's hat was a bit overwhelming, but we thought the overall look was sweet!
Carson sported the perfect balance here with his blue and white look. We also love his Vineyard Vines tie (perfect for this event).
We spy Peter Pilotto for Target - and love it!
Josh looked equal parts quirky and GQ.
No matter how cute the dress is, no one will ever, ever get past the huge bow!
They just look effortlessly hipster chic, and we're totally on board.

Puppy: Yes.

Sparkly green dress: No.

There's a lot of sheer going on here, and we're not sure we like it.
We loved her black and white elements with a pop of pink.
Destin looked totally chic in her LBD.

The Kentucky Derby is an event watched by just about every American, holding their breath for two minutes whether they're sitting in the arena or watching on television. The race itself is exhilarating and exciting, but figuring out what to wear can be just as fun!

It seems to us that the outfits get crazier every year... so naturally there are a bunch of sartorial choices that make us cringe. But then someone like Miranda Lambert steps out in a stunning red dress and matching hat, and you want to cheer for her as though she just won the race! Well, she won the fashion race in our humble opinions.

Click through the gallery above to see the best and worst dressed celebrities at the 2014 Kentucky Derby.
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