3 tips for perfect pattern mixing

By Merricks Art

Pattern mixing is definitely one of my favorite ways to dress -- combining bright or bold or busy patterns make an outfit so fun and interesting. But pattern mixing is successful only if you strike the right balance between the patterns, and that's where it gets a little scary for some people.

So let's break it down and make it super easy. Here's three tips for pattern mixing that will make you an expert:
1. One Small Pattern, One Big Pattern.
If both of your patterns are tiny the outfit becomes really busy and hard to look at. If both patterns are big, the outfit can overwhelm your frame. So stick with one of each. Here I've paired the big floral print with a smaller stripe.

2. Find One Common Color in Your Patterns.
To make the outfit cohesive, even if there are crazy patterns going on, your patterns need to have at least one color in common. Both of my patterns here have navy and white, so they pair perfectly together.

3. Start with Stripes.
If you're a beginner pattern mixer, try mixing any pattern with stripes and I promise you it will work. Polka dots, florals, and leopard are also good beginner pattern mixing choices!
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