18 surprising fixes for any beauty problem

18 surprising fixes for beauty emergencies
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18 surprising fixes for any beauty problem

Baby Powder and dry shampoo may gain all the attention for adding volume to limp hair, but if neither are stocked in your beauty arsenal, epsom salts provide an unexpected boost. Combined with your regular conditioner in the shower, epsom salts give hair enviable volume.

If you’re wondering whether or not that bottle of witch hazel in your cupboard can add a little something to your beauty routine, you’re in luck. The cure-all astringent not only works as a toner, but also serves as an excellent spot treatment, a natural deodorant, and a solution to under eye bags.

If your hair is a haze of frizz in the morning, reach for a dryer sheet. The same technology that keep your clothes from becoming staticky will also work on unruly tresses.

There are days when blush is an absolute necessity, but your favorite compact has vanished into the bottom of a drawer. Look no further than red food coloring for a rosy flush. Mixed with baby powder, you have your very own, customizable powder blush.

Aspirin has a reputation for curing aches and pains, but the medication can also serve as an impromptu spot treatment. The salicylic acid in aspirin is also a key ingredient in most acne-fighting treatments, and its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce redness and swelling. Simply crush a tablet, mix with water, and apply to the spot.

You may think of beets as a great addition to your favorite salad or a sweet side dish, but this rosy-colored root vegetable also makes a perfect lip and cheek stain. Combine beetroot powder with your favorite balm for added moisture, or use the juice of a cooked beet for a healthy flush.

Anyone with oily or combination skin knows the value of a good mattifying face powder. But when your face is shiny enough to double as a mirror and you’re down to the dregs of your favorite compact, use corn starch as a natural alternative. Corn starch soaks up oil, and will keep your makeup flawless on hot summer days.

On those occasions when your under eye bags look larger than the tote you carry to work, a tea bag will have your eyes looking refreshed in no time. Caffeine constricts blood vessels and, when applied to the under eye area, decrease puffiness. Apply a warm, damp tea bag under each eye for quick results.

Sun-kissed skin is easy to achieve with the right bronzer, but if you’re short on time, cocoa powder provides an easy alternative. For glowing skin without store-bought bronzer, combine cocoa powder and baby powder. If you’re fair-skinned, add more baby powder; for deeper skin tones, increase the proportion of cocoa powder in the mix.

Your arsenal of hair products may make your locks look beautiful 90% of the time, but when product buildup gives your hair a duller appearance, apple cider vinegar will restore its luster. Use a mixture of vinegar and water in place of your conditioner after shampooing for an extra polished mane.

If short, stubby lashes are getting you down and your lengthening mascara doesn’t seem to do the trick, add baby powder into the mix. After applying one coat of mascara, brush a bit of baby powder onto the tips, and add a second layer of mascara. The elongating effects will have you turning heads.

Spring is the perfect time for outdoor excursions and enjoying the sunshine, but when all of that leisure time results in a painful sunburn, honey can provide instant relief. Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties have made it a natural beauty favorite of late, and studies show that applying honey directly to a burn can help keep you from resembling a lobster the day after a burn.

If scaly skin is keeping you from enjoying your warm weather wardrobe, brown sugar is your new best friend. Mixed with coconut oil, brown sugar turns into a perfect (and deliciously scented) body scrub to exfoliate rough patches.

Recent scientific studies have linked aloe vera to the reduction of facial acne. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera can help heal existing acne and prevent future breakouts. Simply break open an aloe leaf and apply directly to the problem areas for a natural acne fix.

Those prone to breakouts may not realize that a miracle product is hiding in the back of their pantry: chamomile. The herb is as calming to skin as it is to drink after a long day, and has both hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, an ideal combination for treating oily skin and acne.

A moisturizer shortage doesn’t have to mean the end of the world if you have olive oil in the house. Not only is olive oil a healthy substitute for butter, it also doubles as a moisturizer in a pinch. Apply to slightly damp skin to magnify the oil’s moisturizing effect.

Expensive facials and peels aren’t the only solution to persistent blackheads. For an easy at-home remedy, use baking soda mixed with water to create a paste that will exfoliate your skin and keep blackheads at bay.

Despite our best efforts, we've all had untimely beauty emergencies. Whether it's a pimple coming out of nowhere to an oil slicked face, sometimes you simply need a quick beauty fix on your way out the door.

If you've run out of hairspray and your favorite oil blotting papers are nowhere to be found, common household items can be your beauty salvation. From a homemade, two-ingredient spot treatment to a quick frizz fix, reach for these household items the next time you find yourself in a beauty quandary.

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