Nail art designs for Easter Sunday

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Nail art designs for Easter Sunday
We're finally ready to admit that we're too old for an Easter basket. Although we won't deny we'll be over indulging in Cadbury Eggs. One thing we're not too old for, however, is nail art. And for those of you who aren't artistically inclined, we've got you covered. Don't even try to freestyle. Instead, stock up on tools that guarantee precision and speed.

Polka Dots
For polka dots, use a nail art pen, toothpick or sewing needle for uniformity across the entire nail. If you want a little mismatch here and there, try Jin Soon's Polka White and Polka Black. The topcoats work as nail art in a bottle with two different sized sequins. Coat or dab the product over semi-dry polish.

Zigzags are an Easter egg standard. To get symmetrical lines down the nail, use a thin brushed polish-even a thin painting brush will do. Have each line be the exact width of the brush. Or use a nail art pen to get a crisper zigzag. A brush can leave behind a slight swipe.

...Or Focus on Color
Easter nails can be as simple as pastels. From Deborah Lippmann's Spring Reveries (if you haven't tried the sheer La Vie En Rose, you must) to Essie's Hide & Go Chic (the aqua blue is a welcome surprise), you can create a feel of nail art without the hassle.

For more inspiration, we've rounded up ten simple styles you can do on your own. No artistic ability required.

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