Kristin Cavallari isn't letting motherhood (or being pregnant) slow her down

New mom and former 'Hills' star Kristin Cavallari has officially caught our attention. After appearing on the red carpet at the Oscars for E! Network, we fell in love with Kristin's easy-going (and effortlessly chic) presence on camera. To top it all off, she has been rocking some seriously amazing looks on her new show, 'Fabulist' on E!

We had the chance to sit down with Kristin to chat about motherhood, her style, and much more!

STYLELIST (SL): First off, tell us a little about The Fabulist!
KRISTIN CAVALLARI (KC): The Fabulist is a fun, informative show that covers all of the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We will be telling you what is hot and what is about to be hot.

SL: What's been the most challenging part about being on the show?
KC: The most challenging part about being a host is keeping everyone moving along. All of our guests on the show have strong personalities and have a lot to say, but because it's only a 30 minute show, we can't stay on one subject too long.

SL: How do you pick your outfit for each episode? Do you have a lot of say in what you get to wear?
KC: Luckily we have an amazing stylist on the show that brings all of the clothes in. I definitely have a lot of say in what I wear. I don't have to wear anything I don't like.

Next, let's talk your style!

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SL: How has this evolved since the birth of your son?
KC: I wear a lot more flats than I use to, but my overall style has stayed the same. I don't think just because your a mom you have to sacrifice style and what you love to wear.

SL: What trends are you most excited about for spring?
KC: I love pastels and white on white. White on white is so clean and fresh, and looks good on everyone.

SL:What style advice do you have for young moms?
KC: My advice would be to wear what you want! Moms are still sexy and fashion forward. Becoming a mom doesn't mean those days are over.

SL: What is the oldest item in your closet? What's the most special piece in your closet?
KC: The first pair of Louboutins I ever bought when I was 18. That was a big deal for me. They are classic black peep toe heels. The most special piece is my first collection of shoes with Chinese laundry. That was such a dream come true, and still is, but nothing will ever compare to the first collection.

Check out Kristin on the hit show 'The Fabulist' on E! Monday's at 8:30PM EST.
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