'Vikings' star reveals her secret to flawless skin

Aussie beauty Alyssa Sutherland may have started out as a model, but now she's making serious waves on the hit History Channel show, 'Vikings.' Her stunning beauty (and gorgeous figure) has definitely caught our attention and we couldn't wait to find out how the 31-year-old keeps her skin looking flawless on and off set.

StyleList (SL): What is your skin care routine?
Alyssa Sutherland (AS):
I keep it really simple with SKII products. Face wash, treatment essence and moisturizer. I use the melting cream when my skin is particularly dry or on flights.

SL: What's the best advice anyone has given you about your skin?
Stay out of the sun. I'm an Aussie and we get this drilled into us from a young age and our parents make us wear big, weird swimsuits as kids.

SL: What are 3 tips you'd give our audience for gorgeous skin?
I repeat, stay out of the sun!! Don't pick pimples (it's tough). And a dab of illuminator on cheekbones goes a long way (I like NARS illuminator in "Copacabana").

Check out Alyssa's show 'Vikings' on the History Channel, Thursday nights at 10/9c.
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