Beauty review: Deborah Lippmann Cosmic Love

By The Glossarie

Coolest topcoat ever? Deborah has truly outdone herself with this serious stunner, Cosmic Love. The base is a light pink jelly and the glitter is a mix of pink, gold, and purple holographic hexagons. We are talking total glitter bomb and jaw-dropping gorgeous! I have found my party polish for spring.

I normally shy away from glitters, but there is something so festive and special about this amped up sparkler. I don't know about you, but I find that polishes like these are best dabbed on in coats of two (or even three), then sealed up good with a top coat so that they don't chip or flake.

Fun fact: If you tend to avoid glitter because of the painful removal process, might I recommend OPI's Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat? Applying a thin layer underneath of your favorite glitters means that you can wear them until your heart's content and then swiftly peel them off when you're sick of the style.
Totally freaking genius, right? I know, I wish I thought of it, too.
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