It's time to rid your makeup bag of toxins

Who knew an innocent-looking lipstick might cause liver damage? Or that facial cleanser has been known to mess with your hormones? Thanks to the new Santa Monica-based beauty-and-skincare line, Beautycounter, we're cleaning out our makeup bag. No more cancer-causing blush on our cheeks! (Which is a shame, because the color was fantastic.)

Beautycounter wants you to be beautiful and healthy, so it's set out to raise awareness about the potential hazards of common makeup ingredients. We've already pored over the "Never List," a helpful crib sheet of toxic stuff to avoid.

(We've even printed out a wallet sized copy.) Thanks to this little list, we don't worry about memorizing words like methylisothiazolinone (a preservative and irritant) or butoxyethanol (a cleanser that's caused tumors in animals); when we're scanning makeup labels in the store, the list will immediately tell us what's not healthy enough to put on our body.

Of course, it's easiest just to order Beautycounter's own line of nontoxics products. Our favorites include the lightweight AM and PM moisturizers. (Tip: Amp them up with a few drops of fragrant calendula oil.) A swipe of weightless lip sheer in Petal, and we're sporting a natural, healthy glow.

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