Eat your way out of going gray

Eat away your grays
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Eat your way out of going gray

Seafood is a stellar way to stave off the gray, and mussels, especially, pack a kick of B12; one small serving contains more than 300% of your daily recommended dosage. 

Liver and tongue are both fantastic sources of vitamin B12, but let’s face it -- neither are that appealing when plated up pan-fried. Pâté de Foie Gras is a far more palatable (if ethically questionable) alternative. 


Slurp down just two decent-sized oysters, and you’ll have your full day’s requirement of B12, as well as plenty of zinc … nature’s most potent aphrodisiac. 
Red meats may get a bad rap from those watching their cholesterol, but if you steer clear of both the processed stuff and fatty cuts of beef, a premium steak is an excellent source of both minerals and B vitamins.

If Jamie Lee Curtis had started her current campaign a few years earlier, who knows what her locks would look like! A single serving of yogurt will put you a quarter of the way towards your recommended daily dose of B12.

Though the majority of your B12 will come from seafood, meat and dairy products, many commercial cereals are fortified with the vitamin. Added bonus? One cup of milk delivers an additional 20% towards your daily goal.  

Whether served smoked, in a sushi roll or on top of a bagel with a ‘schmear,’ salmon packs more B12 than tuna, cod or scallops.

Like steak, lamb and mutton both bring plenty of B12 to the table. And as portions are generally smaller, you won’t have to send back half your meal in order to keep calories and cholesterol in check.

No longer the creepy canned food nightmares are made of, when tastefully prepared, sardines can be be a real B12-rich treat.

Hint: Try simmering some with a spicy tomato sauce and ladle the mixture onto a crostini.

Different cheeses have different levels of B12, with Swiss and Parmesan packing in the most per gram. Another great source of the vitamin comes from low fat cottage cheese.


While we love seeing Kelly Osbourne's hair walk the line between 'Hitchcockian' tones of grays and lilacs, we all know the dirty truth -- most grays don't look as chic as her hair does on the red carpet. And so gray hair will forever be something we wash out, cover up and altogether deny.

After you're done blaming genetics for that tell-tale sign of age, start fighting back. A diet rich in the complex B12 vitamin may keep your gray's at bay by slowing down the process at the root.

Check out this slideshow for foods that will help you stop the clock on going gray.
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