Skipping the Super Bowl? Here's how you can have an awesome night anyway.

Ah, the Super Bowl. Some people look forward to it all year round, and some people (ahem...certain StyleList editors) would rather it not be a thing that happens, well...ever. So what to do when the rest of the country is fixated on a football game and you couldn't care less? Well, we say that's a golden opportunity to have a totally fun or totally relaxing night of your own anyway. Read on for some of our tips on how to make your the most out of your anti-Super Bowl Sunday.

1. Book a spa night.
No, seriously. We're betting that salons and spas probably aren't going to be doing much business on Super Bowl Sunday, so take advantage of the openings and schedule yourself a facial or a pedicure. If you'd rather not go out, do a face mask at home. We're really into Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask right now, the plus side being that it's black and you can turn it into warrior paint if your roommates start pressuring you to get into the football spirit.

2. Catch up on awards season.
There are so many movies out this awards season that got rave reviews, so we can't imagine you've seen them all. Go check out our girl Lupita Nyong'o in 12 Years a Slave, or rent Blue Jasmine to watch Cate Blanchett's stunning performance. There is much work to be done before Oscars night, ladies.

3. Host a potluck dinner party.
If you asked us what the best thing about the Super Bowl is, we may or may not tell you it's the game day food. Potato skins, nachos, sliders, mozzarella sticks...say no more. The Super Bowl is like a get-out-of-jail-free day when it comes to junk food, so call up your friends and have them bring over a dish for a cheesy carbfest at your place -- sans football. Our friends at Kitchen Daily literally have recipe upon recipe of mouthwatering dishes.

4. Two words: Downton. Abbey.
Seriously, who needs the Super Bowl when we have Lady Violet?

5. Teach yourself how to do that hair/beauty/nail look you've been dying to learn.
Our recent favorite is the fishtail braid. It's a pretty, versatile look that works on all hair types (on the longer side) and is super easy to do. You can be done and out the door in three minutes! Here's a great tutorial video:
How to Do a Fishtail Braid

6. Call up your favorite restaurant.
Check now to see if they can squeeze you in for a last-minute reservation. Unless your favorite spot is a sports bar, we expect they miiiight just have your favorite table open. SCORE.
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