How to braid hair for fairy tale-esque looks

How to braid hair for fairy tale-esque looks
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How to braid hair for fairy tale-esque looks
This up-front braid adds texture and detail in the same way a fancy headband would. The chain worked in adds some edge, but it could easily be swapped with ribbon or skipped altogether.
Hippie, flower-childish locks bound up with a crown of braids are a much prettier alternative to a plastic hair clip. 
Product is key to this swirly version of a braid, which just requires twisting two sections of hair and then twisting them together. 

Nicole Kidman's look at Cannes was a simple swirl of several braids of varying thicknesses. This is a perfect, easy DIY elegant evening look. 

Small, skinny braids add relaxed, beachy texture to straight, curly or wavy hair.

At first I started watching Nashville because I adore Connie Britton (If you still haven't watched Friday Night Lights, what on earth are you waiting for?). As I slowly got hooked, I stayed for the hunky guys and fun shots of Music City. But really, my favorite thing about the show right now are the insanely gorgeous, flowing fishtail braids sported by Scarlett, played by Clare Bowen. How can hair be that fairy tale-esque? Her locks just flow over her shoulder, in various shades of platinum, in lovely ropes of fuzzy, bedhead soft braids that give me envy every single week.

I've always had long hair and have long resorted to the deep-part side braid as a secret weapon for all sorts of bad hair day woes. But seeing those fishtail braids made me yearn for styles that were more intricate and special, both for daytime and for special occasions. Here in New York ladies head to the John Barrett braid bar at Bergdorf Goodman for red-carpet style braids. But if you're not in the Big Apple, you can totally learn to rock the rope-y braid look, too. I've rounded up some of the best braid hairstyles and a few tutorials to help us start off the New Year right--with gorgeous hair. Now if only I could sing like Scarlett, too.

Click through the slideshow above for pictures and tutorials on how to braid hair for that fairy tale-esque look.

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