Everything you need to know about your 'thut'—yes your thut!

The 'thut' needs some definition in more ways than one. The 'thut' is essentially the area between your upper thigh and butt. According to fitness experts, more women are losing definition in this area due to a sedentary cubicle-to-couch lifestyle.

The thut controls standing, lifting and walking actions. When it comes to the thut, it's all about muscle tone not physical anatomy. So no room for excuses about not being as blessed as Kim K. Whether you're naturally flat or round back there is no matter, the issue is a lack of hamstring development and a lifted buttocks.

Experts attribute the rise in seamless thuts to a shift in working culture resulting in many women sitting at their desk for long periods of time. And with walks out for lunch becoming less frequent (Seamless, anyone?), it's no wonder our thuts are turning to mush.

NYMag.com has reportedly coined this buzz-worthy term earlier this week. However, Dail Mail reports that 'thut' has been used in fitness vernacular for at least the last three years, citing an Urban Dictionary entry dating back to 2007. Some call it the 'blogger butt' and others the 'butt-leg' as well.

So, how do you add some distinction to your newly discovered thut? Targeted muscle tone exercises. Leg lifts, squats and straight-leg dead lifts are great workouts that can help add some definition to this area. The thut is essential in the postural support group (AKA it helps you stand up properly) so it's a super important part of your health.

Time to get off your thut and put your leg muscles and gluts in motion!

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