'The Bachelor' fashion recap: The best and worst dresses from last night's rose ceremony

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'The Bachelor' fashion recap: The best and worst dresses from last night's rose ceremony
Here's how it's done, ladies. A tasteful, mermaid-style dress with a sweetheart neckline in a flattering color? Can't go wrong with that. We also love how Christine pushed her hair over one shoulder. 
While we really liked Nikki the pediatric nurse, we can't really say the same for her dress. The exposed back tattoo was a little much. 
Did Christine H. already hit up David's Bridal? Seriously girl, ditch the white. 
OK, hear us out on this one. We actually thought her dress was really cute. Shoes definitely would have helped, and she could have tossed that flower crown, but the dress itself was very wearable and pretty. 
While we do love a good metallic, making sure your dress fits before going on national television is absolutely imperative. 
So this dress was a little pageant-y, but we really admired Allison's confidence. Hey, the girl wore soccer shoes to the premiere of The Bachelor! Gotta give her credit. 
While Lauren's approach was a bit aggressive (the girl pushed a piano all the way up the hill to the mansion in order to serenade Juan Pablo), this dress was pretty and sophisticated. Love the embellished belt! We suppose we can forgive for the piano incident. 
Val's confidence was off the charts, but these mesh cutouts just weren't doing it for us. Bye, girl. 
We really liked this elegant tank dress, but Juan Pablo like, really liked it -- so much so that he couldn't stop talking about it, then finally gave Sharleen the coveted first impression rose. 
Lacy seems like a really sweet girl, but this dress needs to go back to where it came from -- our high school prom circa 2006.
We love a gold sequin, but there were just...so...many...of them on this dress. Plus, the side slit and the low-cut v are pushing a little. 
We really, really want to like Clare. And we really, really wanted to like her pink, empire-waisted gown. So, why on earth did she have to go and put that fake baby bump underneath it?! Bring on the crazy. 
This combination of pink and sparkly embellishments just really, really needs to go. 
We have a feeling the producers were saving the best for last with this one. We weren't the only ones to fall in love with Andi's ombre waves and classic, flattering dress -- Juan Pablo was literally speechless. Do we spot a love connection already?

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for. Last night, Juan Pablo Galavis began his journey to find love on The Bachelor, and America finally met the women who will be competing for his heart (and his chiquitri Camila's -- duh!).

The first rose ceremony is usually a doozy, and this one was no different. There were plenty of interesting women, and plenty of interesting fashion choices to go along with them. From the sleek and sophisticated to the pink, sparkly messes, click through the gallery above to see the best and worst dressed of the night.
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