2013 wrap-up: the worst red carpet looks

Worst red carpet looks 2013
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2013 wrap-up: the worst red carpet looks
Hands down, this stiff column dress on Anne Hathaway was one of our least favorites throughout this year's awards season. Shoulda stuck with your first choice, Anne. 
We're not sure if it's the allover grandma floral print, or the fact that this dress comes complete with gloves, but this dress on Kim Kardashian was a total miss. 
Marion Cotillard typically stuns on the red carpet, but this oversized look was a major flop. 
Oh, K.Stew. There's something not quite right about those palazzo pants. 
The cutout on Jaimie Alexander's dress is just a little too distracting. 
Here's another innocent victim of the sheer trend gone terribly long. Gwyneth, we would have loved this look had it just been a tad less see-through. 
Lada Gaga had a lot of completely bizarre looks this year, and we've got to give her props -- the girl has confidence! However, almost all of them can be classified as red carpet flops, including this holiday-themed ensemble. 
Miley's skin-tight, lace-up, graphic halter dress and checkered boots don't look so hot together...or at all. 
Erin Wasson has a great body, but this dress isn't doing much for it -- except making her look like she's been covered in fancy saran wrap. 
Attention, earthlings: Halley Berry has landed herself on the worst-dressed list for this Space Age-y red carpet fail. 
While the shimmer on this dress is pretty, the fact that Florence Welch looks like a reptile in it is enough to land her on this list. 
Nancy O'Dell looks better suited for a beauty pageant than the Oscars in this dramatic, ombre gown. 
Jemima Kirke may be hilarious on Girls but this sheer mess hit the mark. 
We just can't with the side slit on this dress. Really, Ke$ha?
We normally love Olivia Munn but weren't fans of this dress -- between the neon, studs, slit, and cutout, there's just too much going on. 
While we always give Katy Perry props for her bold ensembles, this one went a little too far. 
Lena Dunham, we love you and your show, but this dress was just too matronly. Luckily, you learned your lesson and showed up in pretty floral Prada at the Emmys. 
Kristen Wiig has been having some major style moments this year, but we were a little confused with this baggy, purple design. We do love that bold lip though! 

From Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga, 2013 saw plenty of provocative, wacky, and just downright bizarre red carpet looks.

Since we've already chosen our favorite looks from the year, here's the ones we weren't so crazy about -- the sheer disasters, the ill-fitting sack dresses, and the errant skin-tight, screen-printed halter dress (we're looking at you, Miley).

Click through the gallery above to see who made our list of fashion flops on the red carpet this year.
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