The 'it' hair color for 2014

Pantone may have declared Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, but we're more interested in what the hair color trend will be. Kyle White, the lead colorist at the Oscar Blandi Salon, gave us his predictions for the upcoming year.

The Color
"Judging by client requests and everything I've seen on the red carpet and runways, the 'it' color of 2014 is going to be platinum with a capital blonde," says White, who is Mariah Carey's go-to colorist. "Celebrities like Elle Fanning, Miley Cyrus, and even Kim Kardashian are the lightest they've ever been. I'm so confident that platinum is going to be a huge trend because I've seen this pattern before. First, it was in the fashion shows, then on the celebs, and finally the editors were asking me for it-then, they write about it and voila! It's happening in every hair salon across America."

The Trend
Aside from lighter hair, White says we'll be seeing more monochromatic color. "I call this power color. It's hair color like you mean it: no in-between shades or wishy-washy tones. It's in-your-face, strong, solid bright hair color without noticeable highlights."

This new trend in hair color may come as a result of the advancements in color technology. "The new oil based lighteners leave even the palest blondes feeling healthy. These products are 70% oil and deliver results with no burning, itching or even an unpleasant smell."

What's Out
"The color trend I'm seeing less and less of-and I predict will be out in 2014-is pink, blue and other rainbow colors on adult women," says White. "These hair dyes have very large color molecules which wash out very quickly and look like a faded mess after just a couple of shampoos, which is okay for 13-year-olds, but at 40, not so much."

And while it seems ombré isn't completely over, it's definitely transitioning. "Obvious ombré with hard lines and defined rings of lightness is also over. Modern ombré is about having depth at the roots that fade into lighter tips, with subtle gradations and a soft haze between shades."

Are you excited for these 2014 hair trends or not?

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