Contributor Beauty Awards: best nail polish nominees

Contributor Beauty Awards: Nails
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Contributor Beauty Awards: best nail polish nominees

"This base coat has been my go-to for years." - Ellen, StyleList Editor

Essie First Base Base Coat

"The Deborah Lippmann base coat dried super quickly, which was a big time saver, and prevented my nails from staining. It made removing my polish much easier." - Natalie, Natalie Dressed

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Base Coat

"Perfect smoothing coverage with a bit of a neutral tint." - Victoria, Manicurator

Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat

"Ciate is really nice. Goes on smooth as silk." - Nikia, Model Liberation

Ciate Underwear Base Coat

"It remained shiny the entire time and kept my pedicure chip free for three weeks and counting." - Natalie, Natalie Dressed

Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat

"I love that this formula is non-toxic." - Logan, StyleList Editor

Scotch Naturals On The Rocks Top Coat

"I'm a nail polish junkie, and this top coat is my absolute go-to." - Logan, StyleList Editor

Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat

"It seemed to make my polish last longer. And it was insanely smooth." - Sasha, Moiology

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Top Coat

"I love a top coat that dries in a heartbeat." - Nikia, Model Liberation

Ciate Speed Coat

"Unique, hard to stop looking at it! Plus, a great formula." - Victoria, Manicurator

Ciate 'It's Haute in Here'

"Very beautiful micro-glitters in black base, great formula as well." - Victoria, Manicurator

Butter London 'The Black Knight'

"It's everything you hope glitter to be. Sparkly chunks of confetti on your fingertips. It's a party!" - Nikia, Model Liberation

Essie 'Jazzy Jubilant'

"A great deep purple that I wouldn't normally reach for. It went on easily and was a great alternative to black." - Natalie, Natalie Dressed

Ciate Burlesque

"With just one coat, Essie Luxedo gets the job done. The full color isn't like other dark nail polishes which sometimes require more than one coat or can sometimes come off as sheer." - Serena, The Spicy Stiletto 

Essie 'Luxedo'

"I actually got a lot of compliments on this polish." - Sasha, Moiology

Butter London 'Branwen's Feather'

"A true shade of red that doesn't have hint of secondary colors." - Serena, The Spicy Stiletto

Butter London 'Come to Bed Red'

"It's classic." - Sasha, Moiology

Essie 'Fifth Avenue'

"The red is deep and a bit sheer, which can also be nice." - Nikia, Model Liberation

Scotch Naturals Kiltlifter

"It's a really good, strong neutral that blends and still has character." - Nikia, Model Liberation

Butter London 'Yummy Mummy'

"I loved the color of this one." - Natalie, Natalie Dressed

Scotch Naturals 'Roasted Marshmallow'

"A go-to nude for summer - it's not too sheer, which is perfect." - Ellen, StyleList Editor

Essie 'Sand Tropez'


Nail polish: They may all look the same, but not all are created equally.

On Day 4 of our Contributor Beauty Award nomination reveals, we asked bloggers The Spicy Stiletto, Model Liberation, Moiology, Manicurator, and Natalie Dressed to test out polishes in various colors, including those elusive base and top coats -- does anyone actually need those anyway? Our contributors happen to think so, and they'll tell you exactly which ones to invest in.

Click through the gallery to see all the nominated nail polishes. Don't forget to check the site on Friday to see the ultimate winners revealed!

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