A NY woman wanted a permanent 'twinkle in her eye' - yep, PERMANENT.

You know when someone tells you have a twinkle in your eye? Maybe you just got really great news, just kissed that new flame for the first time, or maybe you just finished crying over something? Either way, your eyes are looking super sparkly and pretty, and it's always a good thing to hear.

One New York woman, Lucy Luckayanko, wasn't satisfied with the occasional twinkly eyes, she decided that she wanted it to be an every day occurrence. In a procedure that is not yet approved by the FDA, she had a tiny piece of platinum jewelry: a heart-shaped sequin inserted into her eye. The procedure only takes one minute, but cost her a whopping $3,000. But hey, she said "It's going to be a conversation maker. I will be able to tell people. It will be unique. It will be sort of my unique factor." (Daily Mail)

Unique, indeed! Watch the video above for more.
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