A winter white look perfect for you

Luella & Jane: Winter Whites
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A winter white look perfect for you
Winter blues? How about winter whites? A cozy knit sweater is the perfection addition as temperatures begin to finally drop.
A pinch of plaid is the perfect addition to help spruce up an otherwise subtle look.
The tan and brown Golden Goose riding boots are the perfect finishing touch for this wintery look.
We've always been fans of the oversized look; even when zipped up you can still make out the details below. 
With an outfit this bright don't forget your shades.
A weatherproof jacket is certainly a must-have for any winter wardrobe. 
It's always nice to add a few different shades of a similar tone to get a nice contrast in your look. 

By: Luella & June

‪The temperatures have finally dropped in Dallas. It's not exactly cold but it's certainly chilly enough to call it sweater weather. I am able to pull out my cozy sweaters, tall boots, and, a new Barbour jacket. As much as I love winter greys (I pretty much live in this sweater and this sweater all season long), I'm also partial to the look of winter whites. (According to last weekend's WSJ, I'm not the only with this sentiment.) There's something so fresh about white in the winter, and I love mixing in creamier tones, too. Everything works as a neutral. These jeans are a great example. The color isn't quite taupe, but it's not bright white either. It's a perfect in-between, and they go with everything. The same goes for pretty much everything in this look. Pieces like my Barbour jacket and a chunky turtleneck sweater are winter staples. I'll wear them over and over again with a million different things. That's the beauty of winter white.

Check out Bradley's whole look in the slideshow above and check out her blog to see what else she's wearing!
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