Handwritten letters from Jackie Kennedy to be auctioned

Jackie Kennedy letters
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Handwritten letters from Jackie Kennedy to be auctioned
One of many letters written by our former First Lady to Marita O'Connor of Bergdorf Goodman. In this letter, she asks O'Connor to "check with Mrs. Vreeland of Harper's Bazaar as to what material she suggests for hat to go with fawn Zuckerman coat." Clearly Jackie had friends in high places!
Jackie was radiant in green while she enjoyed a picnic with friends.
The First Lady wore a chic coat and gloves at an event in Washington, D.C.
At JFK's Inaugural Ball, Jackie stole the show in her elegant dress and coat.
Jackie was glowing during an official visit to Paris, wearing  Alaskine (wool and silk) created by Oleg Cassini, and a pillbox hat created by Roy Halston Frowick.
JFK and Jackie met French President General de Gaulle at the Elysee Palace on June 2, 1960 in Paris.
Pregnant and glowing, Jackie rocked a long trench coat.
Proudly holding newborn son John, Jackie wore a chic black suit and matching hat.
Jackie sparkled in this strapless gown while visiting India.
The First Lady looked pretty in a dress and coat in the White House.

According to WWD, more than fifteen handwritten letters by Jackie Kennedy to Marita O'Connor of Bergdorf Goodman are to be auctioned off this month. The letters contain requests for hats, accessories, and other garments for the former First Lady, and many of the letters had sketches penned by Jackie herself.

The first lady had an impeccable sense of style, and these letters prove that she was just as fashion-conscious even before entering the White House. She knew what she wanted, and was able to ask O'Connor for exactly that. The letters hold Jackie's personality, a little bit of the former First Lady. They're very personable and show her (slightly sassy!) sense of humor: when Kennedy wrote that she'd be getting her dress shoes from Eugenia of Florence, she said "Would you be good enough to send Mario the material to make the shoes in. Tell him I want them in the same model as my black faille evening pumps and impress on that rather disorganized Italian that they simply must be ready in time."

And apparently the First Lady wasn't too crazy about wearing one particular garment: "Here goes - an order for a million hats. ... Oh dear it was so pleasant when I didn't have to wear hats! They will pauperize me + [sic] I still feel absurd in them!" (She actually ordered 12.)

In conjunction with the 50-year anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, the Legends Auction will take place from November 22-24th, with all Kennedy-related memorabilia up for grabs (1590 lots in all). Along with the letters, the auction will include a cashmere blazer that President Kennedy wore, one of JFK's rocking chairs, a few pairs of Jackie's shoes, and never-before-seen family photos. (WWD)

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