It's official, we think: Nicholas Ghesquière taking over at Louis Vuitton

Update: As of this morning, a LVMH spokesperson denies the move, stating that "nothing has been decided." Yet. (WWD)

Very shortly after Marc Jacobs took his final bow for Louis Vuitton in order to focus on taking his own label public, it seems his shoes have been filled. Nicholas Ghesquière, formerly the artistic director of Balenciaga will be stepping into the coveted role, beating out many others vying for the job -- though apparently LVMH refuses to confirm it yet. Apparently, we can expect news in the morning.

Ghesquière has had quite the year, bowing out of Balenciaga unexpectedly last November to much speculation as to why. Then he went on to give a very revealing interview with System magazine -- one that Balenciaga didn't like very much (and for which they're now suing him for over $9 million). The rumor mill has been swirling since he first made the move from Balenciaga as to where he would go next, and when it was confirmed that Jacobs was taking his leave, many expected(read: hoped) Louis Vuitton to tap Ghesquière.

We're super excited to see where Ghesquière takes Louis Vuitton as its new creative director if this is all confirmed to be true. He definitely has big shoes to fill when it comes to those runway shows, that's for sure.

Also, will his beloved Kristen Stewart jump ship now, too? Would the starlet fit with the Louis Vuitton aesthetic? Something tells us she (and he) would make it work. (The Cut)
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