Swap clothes with your friends with the swipe of a finger using this cool new app

Love adding new pieces to your wardrobe but don't want to spend a lot of cash? Check out brand-new app 99dresses, an online swapping community that allows you to both list and claim unwanted clothes and accessories with a worldwide community of fashion lovers!

"I noticed that I rarely wore about 80 percent of my closet, yet I spent thousands of dollars a year on new clothes because I loved the high I got from having something new to wear," 99dresses founder and CEO Nikki Durkin said. "You can receive a dress, wear it to your friend's birthday party or wedding, and then relist it in two seconds and immediately earn buttons to spend on something new. My overall vision is to create a platform where millions of women can come together to refresh their closets and get their shopping fix without needing to spend thousands of dollars."

Here's how it works:
  1. List your quality unwanted fashion List your quality unwanted fashion to give away to friends only, or other stylish women on the 99dresses app. We'll immediately give you "buttons" based on the value of the items you list.
  2. Claim fashion from other women Use your buttons to claim fashion that your friends and other women are giving away. All items are 100 percent free-you just pay for shipping and a swap fee (don't worry, it's teeny tiny!).
  3. Win the items you claim If multiple women claim the same item before the 24-hour timer runs out, we'll award it to whoever has the highest karma. Increase your karma by giving away higher-quality items and receiving positive feedback on transactions.
  4. Receive, wear, and enjoy! The "giver" will print a prepaid USPS shipping label and send the item off to the winner (unless it is picked up in person). Wear the item until you are bored with it, then swap it for something new!

And don't worry-if you're not happy with your swap, 99dresses can reverse the trade-plus, users can leave community feedback for others, which you can check out before sealing the deal.

Does 99dresses sound like an app you'd be likely to use? Check it out and tell us what you think below.

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