24 stunning celebrities ahead of their time

Sultry Celebrities Ahead Of Their Time
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24 stunning celebrities ahead of their time
Veronica Lake is shown when she was the "peek-a-boo look" movie star in the 1940s. Her deep-set eyes and suave, mysterious curls made her a sultry sensation, inspiring the sexy, slinky character Jessica Rabbit in the '80s cult classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Bo as Jenny in 10 (1979) wearing the ever iconic nude bathing suit. She forever established herself as a sultry star with her breakout performance revolutionizing hair style for years to come.
The definition of a goddess, Ava Gardner sent chills through the silver screen with her tempestuous appeal. Ava broke many hearts including the likes of Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra with her feisty fashion and scandalous style, breaking the rules of her time.
Mick and Bianca Jagger marry outside St Tropez in 1971. Good friends with Andy Warhol, icon of Studio 54, Bianca defined the daring looks of the 70s with furs, sequins, turbans and one shoulder dresses.
"Men like me because I don't wear a brassiere. Women like me because I don't look like a girl who would steal a husband. At least not for long." - Jean Harlow. Long before Miley Cyrus stunned in bra-less fashion, Jean Harlow never shied away from being bold, beautiful, and sexy.
Brigitte Bardot in the film Come Dance With Me! in 1959. Her side-swept luscious blonde curls stunned as she exuded sultry French style.
Carole Lombard on the courthouse steps at Carson City, Nev., infamous for keeping salacious details under wraps, following her divorce. Carole's raw sex appeal was embodied in elaborate hats and sensational furs. To top it off, she even made scars sexy.
Dorthy received an Academy Award nomination for her role in the sultry musical 'Carmen Jones.' Form-fitting fashion, barely there makeup and little to no accessories defined Dorothy's style.
Dorothy Lamour, actress and singer, clasping a little replica of herself circa 1939. Dorothy's love for the sultry sarong before its popularity and her sexy long mane made her a temptress ahead of her time.
British-born bombshell, Elizabeth Taylor, looks effortlessly gorgeous in a field of grass, circa 1950s. No matter the classic style she wore, seductive dusky hair, red lips, defined 'brows forever set Elizabeth apart with an allure far beyond any wardrobe.
Elke Sommer arrives for Academy Award presentations in Santa Monica, California, 1966. Full-bangs and cold-as-ice blonde tresses made Elke a standout as she played fierce roles like the sultry female assassin in Deadlier Than The Male (1967).
James Stewart meets Hollywood actress Raquel Welch at the world premiere of his latest film, "The Flight of the Phoenix," at the Carlton Theatre, Haymarket in London, Jan. 20, 1966. Raquel's hourglass physique, daring nude scenes and iconic fur bikini mesmerized the '60s and '70s.
Farrah Fawcett arrives at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for the 50th Annual Academy Awards presentation in Los Angeles, CA in 1978. As a sexy co-star on Charlie's Angels, she embodied girl-next-door personality with undeniable sexuality as she sported an iconic trend-setting hair style with longevity and reach far beyond the series.
Faye Dunaway arrives the premier of the film Bonnie and Clyde with co-star Warren Beatty in 1968 Paris donning a floor-length fur coat and miniskirt that stuns a Parisian passerby. Her style, like her movie roles, was slyly sexy accessorized with berets and sultry eyes.
Italian actress Sophia Loren poses for photographers at The Lido Movie Festival in Lido, Venice, 1958. Sophia's daring cat-eye makeup and chestnut tresses and fierce attitude made her the muse for designers to directors for decades.
Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida presents a creation by Italian fashion designer Emilio Schuberth made of heavy white silk in Paris, France 1955. Gina's voluptuous curves as a fifties movie pin-up and her enviable jewelry collection broke jewelry auction records and hearts for years.
Hedy Lamarr does a tropical dance in White Cargo (1942) full of seductive body, hands and arm movement. She had the curves, the brows and the attitude to woo the 1930s and '40s.
Jayne Mansfied steals the show at a 20th Century-Fox party in an iconic 'spilling' moment with Sophia Loren in 1957. Jayne reveled in her curvacious assets and boldly flaunted them at every opportunity way before Katy Perry took stage.
American actress Julie Newmar as Catwoman in a promotional portrait for the TV series Batman circa 1966. Black eyeliner has never been the same since Julie truly owned it for this sexy 'latexed' part.
Lana Turner, center, with boyfriend Fernando Lamas and actress Ava Gardner during a lavish Beverly Hills party in 1952. Lana epitomized old Hollywood glamour with a tinge of sultry style.
No words are needed to explain why actress, model, singer and style icon Marilyn Monroe makes this list. From her windblown white dress moment to her sultry 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' serenade to John F. Kennedy, Marilyn has set the bar for seductive style and charm.
Pam Grier sent shockwaves through the country in her '70s role as the bold and beautiful Foxy Brown. With sentiments like, "It's always fun to put on bell bottoms and have your butt hanging out," Grier redefined sexy.
Ursula Andress standing in the water wearing the iconic bikini in the film James Bond: Dr. No (1962). As the first bond girl, Andress wowed in white and riveted fashion with her side-swept blonde bangs and long loose curls in the '60s.
Known as one of the sexiest stars in film history, Anouk is famous for her mysterious beauty in the notable films La Dolce Vita full of groundbreaking fire and desire. Her sultry Italian style of the '60s still oozes through dressed in subtle white on her wedding day pictured here in 1966.

Sultry: Attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature. But, what does that really mean when it comes to style and beauty? Before Angelina Jolie melted hearts with her dusky long locks and sweltering style, the likes of Dorothy Lamour and Bianca Jagger wrote the book on sultry. Fearless fashion choices and seductively styled manes of the '40s-'70s celebrities paved the path for the Mila Kunises and Megan Foxes of this generation.

Let's get one thing straight, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are the co-queens of sultry style. From their lusciously curled locks to their form-fitting fashion all the way down to their perfectly manicured nails, they lived and breathed seductive sass. Exuding their passionate fashion goes far beyond closet picks, though. It's not the slinky, jaw-dropping clothing items that'll give off Brigitte Bardot. Attitude is everything. Think of taking all the boldness of punk style and channeling it into chic confidence that makes for Dorothy Dandridge natural beauty. These celebrities won the hearts of moviegoers, style critics--and a few men along the way!--as they tested the boundaries of movie roles, all the while owning their sexuality in style.

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