6 Pinterest-inspired hairstyles perfect for your back to school look

Back to school hair inspiration from Pinterest
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6 Pinterest-inspired hairstyles perfect for your back to school look

Want to spice your back to school style up? Whether you have blonde, brunette, or red hair, ombre is a simple way to add a spark of creativity to the color of your hair.

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Hailee Steinfeld's super long flowing and slightly curled locks are a simple and easy look for those of us who have long hair.

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"Girls" star Allison Williams (and former StyleList Guest Editor!) gets an A+ for her simple long locks with front layers.

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Blake Lively's braided ponytail is cute and chic! You can easily wear it to math class or even back to campus parties!

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Alessandra Ambrosio's wound down ponytail is loose and quick and easy to pull together in the morning when you're running late to class!

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Nothing beats a top knot and this simple braided style is the key to back to school fashion!

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You want to switch up your style every school year, and your hair should be no different! Whether your hair is long, short, in-between, blonde, jet black, brunette, or red, anyone can add some new spice to their hair, whether through a new cut, style, or trendy treatment.

Take ombre: you can go bold or subtle, adding an extra hint of flavor that your hair didn't give you before.

Or maybe you want to try some simple new updos that are sleek, yet take minimal styling time in the morning! (Hint: these may be for you if you're prone to running late to class!)

No matter where you are with your hair, check out 6 inspiring new styles we pulled from our favorite addiction, Pinterest, to help you get inspired for the school year. It may not be fun to buy new pencils and folders, but nothing beats walking into class and getting tons of compliments on your new 'do!

Click through the gallery to find your new back to school hairstyle!

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