11 Skin Secrets of Ageless Celebrities

Skin Secrets of Ageless Celebrities
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11 Skin Secrets of Ageless Celebrities

A young Gwen Stefani's skin has the youthful glow of a child's.

In 2011, Stefani literally has the skin of a baby: she swears by Johnson & Johnson's Baby Lotion.

How did Ann Curry maintain this flawless skin?

Her secret: "redirection." If she has dark circles under her eyes, she'll wear a bright color on her lips.

Leelee Sobieski has always looked youthful.

Today, Sobieski attributes her gorgeous skin to a devotion to Clinique skin care products, and occasional use of Dove. (As she says, sometimes simplest is best!)

Demi Moore looked too young to care, here, but we know she's taken good care of her skin.

Demi emphasizes the importance of moisturizing, and uses simple, pure, fragrance-free products. She also uses hydrating masks.

Kirsten Dunst has been in the spotlight since she was quite young.

Kirsten keeps that youthful glow by staying out of the sun (she says her fair skin cannot handle the UV rays) and while she moisturizes her skin twice a day, only washes at night.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a knockout, her skin being one of her best features.

Zeta-Jones says her secret is to rub a mixture of honey and salt all over her body to moisturize and exfoliate. (fun fact: she also eats apples after meals to cleanse her teeth: and keep them pearly white!)

The gorgeous Ashley Judd has always had a stunning complexion.

Though she's be criticized for potentially getting plastic surgery (and responded in this incredible essay), she swears by American Beauty Beauty Boost Overnight Radiance Cream.  Judd is also the face of American Beauty products.

Many women have tried countless skin regimens and procedures to attempt to look like Angelina Jolie.

Jolie's secret: Dragon's Blood. And by this we mean a liquid facial by Rodial derived from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree.

Gwyneth Paltrow's skin is just about perfect.

The Goop creator revealed that she loves oil for her face, specifically Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil, saying that it is what gives her radiant skin.

Angela Bassett was glowing then...

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...and still is now. She stays away from chemicals, and gets an occasional Oxygen Facial.

Christy Turlington Burns has gorgeous skin.

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She swears by vitamin supplements to keep her healthy from the inside out, yoga, and the occasional juice cleanse.

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Let's face it, some people age better than others. And it certainly doesn't hurt to have a team of stylists and specialists looking after your skin, as many celebrities do, but we're telling you -- some of them seem to never age. Like, ever.

We've found out some of the skin secrets of these ageless celebrities - some of which are definitely easy to do and inexpensive to purchase (for us lowly regular folk)! From Angelina Jolie's use of Dragon's Blood to LeeLee Sobieski's devotion to Clinique, some have skin care plans that are simple, others complex, and others wacky.

The best part about it: you don't have to use some crazy expensive regimen to get great skin. It just takes dedication to the health of your body and it's largest organ: and treating it with the love it deserves.

Click through the gallery above to see the secrets of these never-aging celebs!

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