How Much Would Tai's 'Clueless' Makeover Really Cost?

Clueless Makeover
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How Much Would Tai's 'Clueless' Makeover Really Cost?
Do you see how happy Tai looks here? That's because she's having the time of her life. She's like a puppy in a bath. Cher and Dionne are washing out the offensive red hair of Tai's past, and upgrade her to a less intense, medium-brown color. As the first step of the makeover, Cher would use salon-quality products to get Tai's tresses under control, plus a serious detangling comb. 
Mason Pearson Detangling Comb, $29, available at Drugstore.comJohn Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Medium Natural Brown, $11.99, available at TargetPaul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo, $21.98, available at Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Conditioner, $29.50, available at Paul Mitchell.
Ladies, we cannot express how essential it is to properly disperse your Coke can to hair curler ratio on your head. Thankfully, Cher and Dionne are professionals. See how Dionne gently applies the right amount of makeup to complement Tai's complexion and accent those big, beautiful eyes? In this process, we would recommend Diet Coke. Where did they even get those regular Coke cans? Probably from Josh. Woof.
Clockwise from left: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, $36, available at SmashboxStila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color in Black, $22, available at Stiladiego della palma The Lipstick, $34, available at Beauty BarDiet Coke 12 oz. Cans, $2.99, available at TargetL'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hair Spray, $13, available at Bigelow ChemistsClinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup in Fresh Alabaster, $27, available at SephoraConair Styling Essentials Spiral Rollers Set, $15.99, available atDrugstore.comDior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara in Black, $25, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

We're totally on board with Tai's attitude when it comes to workout videos. What's the point of sweating to "Buns of Steel" if you don't have instantly sexy results? Much more gratifying is singing along to the Mentos commercial, which provides immediate happiness. But amazing exercise outfits and at-home sculpting methods aside, we can't help but think that a modern-day take on getting your butt in gear would be SoulCycle. Just add the '90s-inspired getup to go with it. 

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Tai's grunge-era wardrobe was never going to make it through Cher's culling process. Swapping out her skater-chic, Nirvana-inspired closet for a more feminine skirt-and-Mary-Janes ensemble makes Tai ready to face her high school peers like a boss. As the final step in her makeover, it's also the most exciting, since you know Cher styled this outfit on her computerized, revolving closet. 

Eek! '90s fashion trends that we are glad haven't made a comeback (yet!)

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$2173.02 may seem like a lot of money, but we're pretty sure this was chump change to Cher and Dionne. And while you can't put a price tag on true friendship, you can most certainly put one on this makeover.
The teen-movie makeover is a time-honored tradition, representing a turning point for many coming-of-age films: The ugly duckling finds someone with a vision, the worldly friend teases out the latent coolness hidden deep within the dweeb, and voila! Everyone learns a lesson about self-acceptance. Or something. But in reality, it isn't that easy...or, cheap.

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Critics may say that the ultimate makeover in Clueless was the movie itself, since the film is a remake of the literary classic Emma by Jane Austen. As if! Trust, there's nothing quite as remarkable as Tai's epic makeover, but this is no ordinary job. We know Tai got the cream of the crop when it came to products, services, and Cher-approved advice. But we can't help but wonder how much it must've cost. Ahead, we've broken down Tai's transformation to see just what would go into such a dramatic makeover, and reveal getting all Cher'd out may be just for the teenage one-percent. And don't forget the final touch on any transformation: "Reading one non-school book a week."

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