How to Get Smooth Hair in the Summer Heat

There is nothing worse than spending countless hours blow drying your hair to simply walk outside and it all turn into a frizzy disaster. If your hair tends to frizz up during the summer months, we suggest you continue reading! StyleList sat down with celebrity hairstylist Albert Luis, whose 25 years of experience in the beauty industry has made him an expert in hair and beauty.

StyleList (SL): How has the evolution of the blowout evolved? Has the birth of blow-dry bars changed a clients expectation for the better or worse?
Albert Luis (AL): From blow drying with just hands and fingers in the '80s to vented brushes in the early '90s, round brushes in late 90s and early 2000s.Now paddle brushes and back to hands and fingers, the blow dry keeps evolving and challenging stylists to create newer textures. Blow dry bars are a great way for both clients and stylists to practice and expect the perfect blow dry.

SL: What is the easy trick you tell clients for a smooth blowout?
AL: Always begin with a bit if conditioner. Leave in is best, but any light conditioning cream works also! Conditioners act as a perfect primer for additional styling products or used alone will help smooth hair in a blow dry. Just remember, less is more.

SL: What's the best tool you recommend for the perfect blowout?
AL: A professional blow dryer! Always opt for what your professional stylist uses day in and day out. Professional stylists only use great blow dryers.

SL: What tips do you have for women with frizzy hair looking to keep a smooth blow dryed look in the Summer?
AL: Invest in keratin treatments. CHI enviro can keep the frizzies away and the more you do them the better the hair behaves.

SL: Is there any tip you recommend while blow drying that will keep frizz at bay?
AL: If you have the time, blow dry with cool air. If not, blow dry down the hair length to help seal cuticles as you dry.

SL: Have you ever had a client hate their blow-dry?
AL: Yes. I learned from it, that "perfect" is in the eye of the beholder! Since they are paying for it, give them their version of the perfect blow dry!

SL: What hairstyle looks best on most women?
AL: Hair that's between shoulder length and shoulder blade will suit most every face shape. Shorter hair is face specific and longer hair can tend to pull features down on the wrong woman.

SL: What's the one beauty product you can't live without when styling your clients hair?
AL: 99.9% of the time...CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray! Light enough to hold a great blow dry daringly straight, temptingly wavy, or sexy curls!
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