Girl on the Go: Perfect Summer Dresses for Every Occasion

Girl on the Go: Perfect Summer Dresses for Every Occasion
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I have this thing I do when I get dressed: I think of myself as a character. Depending on my mood and where I'm going, I like to take on a role and play the part through the things that I wear. I'm sure many women are like this, which is why we have closets overflowing with variations on the same thing (over and over again). Whether you play your own version of dress up or not, the point is-we like options.

When it comes to figuring out what to wear in summer, I'm all about a cute dress-no matter who I'm pretending to be. Even though I'm a bit of a tomboy (I love a good boyfriend jean or shorts suit), there's something so easy and elegant about a dress, right? One piece and you're out the door!
Each woman will inevitably decide for herself what she likes and what is or is not appropriate for any occasion in her busy summer calendar. However, there are some places, parties and people that inspire a certain kind of dressing, no?

The dress you wear on a date Saturday night may not be the same dress you wear to a picnic in the park with friends on Sunday. Even your most stylish work clothes certainly won't feel fun or fancy enough to wear to a wedding in a far-flung destination like Cape Cod next month.
The point is, getting dressed is fun. Putting on your party dress or your date frock or your work number should feel special and inspire confidence every single time. That's why we need options.
Above we've picked out some of our favorite cute summer dresses of the season that feel perfectly fitting for a whole variety of different occasions. Go ahead, get into character!

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