The Beat Goes On: Your 2013 Musical Festival Fashion Guide

The Beat Goes On: Your 2013 Musical Festival Fashion Guide
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Confession: I hadn't been to a music festival until the 2013 Governor's Ball. I have envied my Coachella-going friends for years, but, as it turns out, Coachella is really just the kick off to a whole season of music and arts events around the globe.

Naturally, with different cities and different musical acts, each festival has its own unwritten dress code. Or, suggested attire, you might say. While a pair of cowboy boots might feel perfect for Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee, what about Lollapalooza in Chicago?

No matter where your festival season will take you, there are a few key elements to any successful look. First, you've got to have comfortable shoes. Standing, dancing and singing along to The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, or Cat Power for hours will tire a girl out-so skip the high heels. Next, a bag that can hold everything you need but not get in your way; which means forget the clutch or the tote and go for a crossbody or cool backpack. Finally, layer smartly. At Governor's Ball or Bonnaroo odds are it will be smokin' hot, but don't forget that for both Australia in July and San Fran in August-it's basically winter. A field jacket and printed scarf will look great, keep you warm and pack away easily (just in case).

Festival fashion is a chance for you to explore a more playful, wild and perhaps even musical side of your style. Take a risk. Try something new. Let your hair down. Just, whatever you do-please don't wear a flower crown.

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