Musical Inspiration: Nicki Minaj's Most Outrageous Looks

Nicki Minaj Style Transformation
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Musical Inspiration: Nicki Minaj's Most Outrageous Looks
Bright pink, two shades of blue, and a starfish ring all have our heads spinning, but the bright blue pumps have us loving the rapper's look.
Gold jewelry and a hot pink lip are just a few of the distractions on Nicki's MTV Movie Awards outfit.
Pink's usually a color that Nicki wears well, but a frilly sheer dress is a flop in our book.
Does Nicki Minaj's hair have a spot of orange or is it just the lighting? Either way it's the least questionable part of this outfit that mixes two different leopard prints with neons.
Puffy balls are usually left in the kindergarten craft drawer, but Minaj believes they're the perfect match for neon green spiderweb leggings.
A lot of things may be going on in this outfit, but Nicki's pretzel necklace is a jewelry item that cannot be missed.
Nicki Minaj should stick to one animal-inspired piece of clothing for an outfit--and ditch the other distracting pieces.
Nicki's a fan of the blonde hair and we've got to agree that it looks fab on the singer.
Nicki Minaj's green-streaked blonde wig matches the "Versace for H&M" step-and-repeat in a perfect styling decision.
Nicki Minaj holds her two American Music Awards that show she's a lot better at her music than she is at her styling.
Minaj rocks a long blonde wig that highlights her slimming black and white dress.
Minaj may have overdone it with her makeup because shine is one look that nobody wants to show off on the red carpet.
Nicki Minaj's religious-inspired habit caused a stir on the Grammy Awards red carpet.
A half blue and half blonde wig is a fun and funky look that only Nicki Minaj can pull off.
A sparkly light blue jumpsuit with sheer cutouts would normally be a miss, but a pairing with a bright pink wig makes the outfit a true knockout.
Nicki Minaj holds a classic Chanel purse with a modern twist: instead of regal black it's ocean blue.
Sweatpants are green wigs are both big fashion no's, and Nicki's paired the two in this casual airport outfit.
Nicki Minaj looks casual chic with straight blonde hair and an oversized t-shirt.
When it comes to morning shows, singers usually shy away from S&M-inspired outfits, but Nicki Minaj takes the plunge with this unique fishnet get-up.
We know Nicki loves a good leopard print, but we didn't know that she also liked to pair the look with white button-up work shirts.
Minaj takes casual comfort seriously when she's flying, as can be seen by her puffy pink coat and frilly top.
Nothing makes an outfit pop like a red leather jacket, and Nicki's got all eyes on her when she steps out.
Not only does Nicki loves her Barbz, she also has a passion for dressing like the famous doll too!
Nicki Minaj flaunts three of her style trademarks in this unique outfit: pink lipstick, a busty top, and an animal print.
Even wearing a hat, Nicki's colorful hair grabs our attention in a way that nothing else can.
Nicki wears her own spin on business casual: a belly shirt and tight leggings.
Nicki blows a kiss while wearing a surprisingly tame outfit for the singer.
A pink blazer, lollipop bra, and blue and white high-waisted pants make for a cohesive look for the singer. If only Nicki realized her zipper is down!

Nicki Minaj isn't just notorious for her super successful music career -- she's also known for pushing the style envelope in major and unique ways. Neon green lace leggings? Pink chicken wing necklace? Done and done. From wild concert outfits to dashing through airports wearing insane travel looks, Nicki is all about taking serious sartorial risks both on and off the stage. It's always a surprise when it comes to Nicki's style, and we love seeing what she comes up with next when she steps out in front of the crowd.

Click through the gallery to see Nicki's most memorable style moments from over the years, from the out of this world music festival looks to the sophisticated and chic red carpet dresses, we've got it all right here.

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