The Most Ridiculous Moments from the Cannes Film Festival

The Most Ridiculous Moments from Cannes
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The Most Ridiculous Moments from the Cannes Film Festival
Julianne Moore wore comfortable shoes.
Try not to squirm.
Actress Asia Argento demonstrated the most surefire way to get your photo plastered all over the world wide web.
Get me an inhaler because this photo makes me unable to breathe properly. ILY Pudsey.

Photos of Eva Longoria’s actual flashing episode have seemingly been removed from the Internet. But that happened.

Who is this woman and what has she done with the real Goldie Hawn?

Lea Seydoux got all verklempt.

Meet Roman Polanki’s wife, Emmanuelle Seigner. Meet her left breast. Meet her right breast! #JLoDidItFirst

That time Nicole Kidman dug through Anne Hathaway’s garbage and found this perfectly intact Valentino gown.

This guy’s superior Gangnam style Psy-ched out Cannes big time.

This lady made good or poor use (depending on how you see it) of empty Samoas containers.

Hot Topic lent this outfit to Bai Ling.
'The Great Gatsby' people partied like drinking alcohol was totally illegal.
Cannes: A missed opportunity for umbrella ad space.
Just way too adorable couple Alec and Hilaria Baldwin made everyone uncomfortable.
Is that a yoga move?
Actor Souleymane Deme put our sideways plank to shame.

Cannes you believe it's over? After a two week-long red carpet marathon of some of the most gorgeous gowns we've ever seen -- and some absolute atrocities –- the 2013 Cannes Film Festival has come to a close. But while the cameras may have ceased flashing and the film reels stopped rolling, let's not forget the memories: Those countless Cannes moments that we'll simply never forget.

... Especially since we've put together this nifty gallery to showcase the best of 'em! Click through for "embarrassing," "accidental" T and A with a little crying and some recyclables to mix it up a bit.

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